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In April, UT’s Center for Health Education and Wellness, along with partner organization the Sexual Assault Center of East Tennessee, coordinated events, held discussions, and provided training sessions as part of national Sexual Assault Awareness Month to raise awareness and help prevent sexual violence. The center would like to thank the campus community for their involvement in the month’s events and their support on this important issue.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month kicked off with Hike the Hill in Heels. More than 300 students, faculty, staff, and community members walked from the Europa sculpture on HSS Plaza to Ayres Hall lawn to show their commitment to raising awareness of sexual assault.

Dialogue and discussion are key components to the month’s mission. The Know Your Policy Panel shared information on the campus policy and resources for students. Weekly dialogue sessions covered engaging students in sexual assault prevention; alcohol and consent; including men in conversations about sexual assault; and next steps in improving awareness.

CHEW staff led Volunteers Speak UP! active bystander training for students, faculty, and staff, teaching participants how to speak up when they see someone who may be at risk. For more information about participating in bystander training throughout the year, contact the center at

The Light the Way Celebration and Award Ceremony capped the month’s events with an open house for the Sexual Assault Center of East Tennessee and display of the Clothesline Project art exhibition.

In the 2015–16 academic year, the Center for Health Education and Wellness conducted 265 presentations and had more than 18,000 participants. In addition to its work on sexual assault prevention, the center addresses alcohol use issues, sexual health, and healthy relationships.

For more information or to get involved, contact Ashley Blamey at 865-974-5725 or