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Planning that long overdue beach vacation this summer? Instructions for setting an automatic reply to incoming e-mail message are available in the OIT Knowledge Base:

Over the coming weeks, Microsoft will be rolling out enhanced automatic replies for Outlook on the Web as a new feature for Office 365 accounts. When you set an automatic reply message, several new features will be available:

  • Block off your calendar. When setting up an automatic reply, you can choose to block off your calendar for time you will be away and Outlook will create an appointment for the duration of your vacation. Anyone with access to your calendar can then see the times you will be out of the office and schedule appointments around your vacation.
  • Automatically decline meeting invitations. While you’re enjoying the sun and sand, let Outlook handle your calendar by automatically declining meeting invitations during the period you set as away. You can customize the reply someone will receive when attempting to schedule a meeting while you’re away.
  • Automatically cancel calendar appointments: Need to make room for a vacation on your calendar? The enhanced automatic replies feature will give you the option to clear your calendar and automatically send out cancellation notices in the event appointments have already been scheduled during the time you will be out. When choosing to clear your appointments, you can select the appointments to keep and which to cancel.

For complete information on enhanced automatic replies for Outlook on the web, visit Microsoft’s website. For assistance setting your out of Oofice notification, contact the OIT HelpDesk at 865-974-9900.