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Rich Pacelle, head of the UT Department of Political Science, this week made several appearances in national and local media on topics ranging from guns on campus to the future of the presidential race.

The Associated Press included Pacelle in a story examining why Georgia governor Nathan Deal vetoed bills that allowed guns on college campuses and shielded religious people who deny people services based on their faith. Tennessee legislators passed similar bills recently, which went on to Governor Bill Haslam. Pacelle told the Associated Press that Deal likely faced more pressure for a veto than Haslam, due to Georgia’s diversity compared to Tennessee. “Georgia is a state that many people think will be purple in the near future, whereas Tennessee will likely stay red,” he said. Read the story online.

This week, Pacelle also interviewed with Knoxville’s WBIR-TV Channel 10 about the possible future of the Republican Party now that Donald Trump appears to be the last man standing in the race for the GOP presidential nomination. Watch the story online.