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oiticonThis summer, OIT will be reducing the number of UT wireless networks from four to two in order to increase the throughput of the wireless network. Starting on July 25, the broadcasted networks for connecting to wireless will be ut-open and eduroam.

UT-open: The unsecured network available to faculty, staff, students, and visitors. A new portal will be put in place to manage network registration and visitor access.

Eduroam: The secure network available to faculty, staff, and students. Eduroam will replace the ut-wpa2 network and offers all of the existing functionality. In addition to wireless access at UT, faculty, staff, and students will be able to obtain Internet connectivity when visiting other participating eduroam institutions.

What do you need to do now?

  • If you are connected to ut-open, you will not need to take any action.
  • If you are connected to ut-wpa2, you should switch to¬†eduroam. The eduroam network is already available and allows secure access to services like T-Storage and the Microsoft Licensing Server. Instructions for¬†getting connected with eduroam are available in the OIT Knowledge Base.

More information about eduroam, including a list of participation institutions, is available at the eduroam website.

If you have any questions about this change or would like assistance connecting to eduroam, please contact the OIT HelpDesk online or call (865) 974-9900.