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There is no vehicular parking permitted on campus sidewalks. Parking on sidewalks causes safety issues, restricts pedestrian accessibility, and creates unsightly situations in and around our buildings. The existing UT Parking and Traffic Regulations state in Section X, Vehicle Operation, Item F: “Operating (and parking) a motor vehicle in any area other than a street or roadway intended for motor vehicles is prohibited.”

All vehicles must comply with this restriction. Please use designated loading areas, docks, or other appropriate areas for deliveries and loading. If you have unique circumstances for deliveries or loading/unloading at campus buildings, contact UT Parking in advance and a staff member will determine appropriate parking arrangements.

In order to address illegal parking on sidewalks, UT Parking and UT Police will be issuing warning citations this week, and full enforcement carrying applicable fines will begin on April 25.

For further assistance or information, please contact UT Parking at 865-974-6031 or