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While college basketball fans are up to their ears in March Madness, college video game enthusiasts at UT are participating in a tournament of their own.

Heroes of the Dorm, an esport competition hosted by ESPN and Blizzard Entertainment, is a collegiate–level online video game tournament featuring the game Heroes of the Storm. Teams are competing for a grand prize of college tuition for the remainder of their college career.

The league’s tournament is currently under way and UT’s Heroes of the Dorm team, We Volin, holds the number two ranking in the league. Last weekend, they beat the top seed, the University of Waterloo, in the semifinals, advancing them to the final round, the “Heroic Four.”

Teams in the Heroic Four round will travel to Seattle to play at the Centurylink Field Event Center April 9–10. ESPN2 will broadcast the live event. We Volin will face off against the University of Texas–Arlington in hopes of making it to the championship game and winning the grand prize of college tuition.

Team members of We Volin are Captain Jay Crist, Adam Disney, Patrick DiNicola, David Young, Ryhan Pathan, and Taylor Richardson.

To find out more information about the Heroes of the Dorm tournament and see We Volin’s statistics, go to the Heroes of the Dorm website.



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