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As the spring New York Fashion Week gets underway, public relations student Cartter Stout will be hard at work behind the scenes of the shows.

Stout, a junior from Nashville, will return to New York today to work Fashion Week after she interned with fashion, beauty, and luxury market public relations firm BPCM last summer. Fashion Week’s spring show runs from today to Friday.

During Stout’s internship with the firm last summer, she spent her first few weeks working with different departments before her assignment with an account executive in the fashion department. As part of her internship with BPCM, she was able to work the first-ever men’s Fashion Week over the summer.

As a result of that work, BPCM invited Stout to join them for one of fashion’s biggest events, the fall New York Fashion Week. She was unable to attend due to schedule conflicts but didn’t let that stop her from making it to this year’s spring Fashion Week.

While each day’s tasks are different, Stout will spend most of her time working the front and back house, as it’s called in the fashion show industry. This could include checking in photographers and guests, as well as ensuring things are running smoothly by being knowledgeable of the event space and helping the account executive in charge.

Stout said she’s excited about returning to New York and learning more about fashion PR during one of the industry’s biggest weeks of the year. She hopes the experience gives her a better understanding of how to manage different media and what it takes to make clients stand out in the multitude of brands.


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