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jioni_lewisBlack students around US are speaking out over casual, everyday insensitivities and racism toward people of color that has been described as “microaggression.” The Associated Press interviewed Jioni Lewis, assistant professor of psychology, for a story in which she noted that “the stresses of being a minority, on top of the usual pressures of adjusting to college, can cause some students to leave school.”

Numerous media outlets picked up the story and featured Lewis including NBC News 4 Washington, ABC News, Salt Lake Tribune, Pittsburgh Post-GazetteJuneau Empire, Chattanooga Times Free Press, Mohave Valley Daily News, Jackson (Mississippi) Free Press, Twin Cities (Minnesota) Pioneer PressMassachusetts-based Eagle Tribune, Portland (Maine) Press Herald, Denton (Texas) Record-Chronicle, Wisconsin-based Leader-Telegram, and Iowa-based Telegraph Herald.