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The UT community is invited to have a smashing time on Friday, courtesy of a safety lesson offered by the UT Police Department.

UTK Convincer 2UTPD’s “Blue Light Special” will take place at the Gate 21 Plaza outside Neyland Stadium between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

The Center for Transportation Research’s “Seatbelt Convincer” will be available for all to test, with participants strapping into a car seat on a ramp that crashes into a barricade, simulating the force in a low-speed crash.

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Other devices at the event will underscore the message of vehicular safety. They will include a tractor-trailer with multiple driving simulators inside, as well as a rollover crash simulator.

This event is part of National Campus Safety Awareness Month, which has partnered the Clery Center for Security on Campus with institutions around the country in an effort to curb campus crime.

To further educate students and the campus community about reducing crime and accidents, UTPD’s Community Relations Unit offers information and seminars on personal safety, substance abuse, DUI, rape aggression defense, and other topics.


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