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Joshua Dobbs
Joshua Dobbs

UT quarterback Josh Dobbs’ role as an aerospace engineer is one familiar to sports fans, but now it’s being told from within that community itself by one of the giants of that industry.

Pratt and Whitney, one of the premier jet and rocket engine manufacturers in the world, released a video detailing Dobbs’ time as an intern at one of their Florida locations.

The video splices on-field highlights with shots of Dobbs in the lab, at the test facility, and even images of him as a seventh-grader at an aerospace camp in Atlanta.

It’s also mentioned that his mentor for the summer, David Fisher, is a Knoxville native and a UT engineering alumnus who made it known that he wanted to work with Dobbs, and that Dobbs his work on the military’s new F-135 engine very seriously.

The video can be seen on YouTube.