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With a new semester upon us, UT Libraries would like to share new features available to students, faculty, and staff.

Center for Career Development: The UT Libraries is excited to welcome another partner to the Commons. In addition to providing career information via the kiosk in Commons South, the Center for Career Development will provide career-related services in Commons North one evening per week beginning this semester.

Silent Room: The Libraries will launch a “Silent Room” in Fall 2015.  This will be a pilot project in which to gather feedback about the space. Hodges Room 541 will have a seating area and open space designed for quiet reading and reflection. Details are in the works, but the central goal will be to give students a quiet space in which they can reflect and engage in any silent activity that does not interfere with the silent activity of others.

Scholars’ Collaborative: The Scholars’ Collaborative is a campus nexus for faculty and students engaging in emerging forms of scholarship. We provide expertise, tools, and resources to support the creation, use, and dissemination of research, scholarship, and creative activity. We help scholars, artists, innovators, and creators at UT share their work using data and technology and demonstrate its value and relevance within the university and beyond. The Scholars’ Collaborative launches August 17.

New Equipment for Checkout in the Commons: Student feedback tells us that students want more SLR cameras for projects and assignments. The UT Libraries is adding more SLRs for checkout this year.

Room Wizard: Students can now reserve group study rooms online using the Libraries’ new reservation system. Group study rooms on the first and second floors of Hodges Library and the group study in the Music Library are available for booking. Reserve a study room. A valid UT email address is required to confirm the booking. Online reservations can be made up to a month in advance. Reservations may be made for a maximum of two hours per day.