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Anne D. Smith has been named head of the Department of Management at the Haslam College of Business. She succeeds Terry Leap, who served as head of the department for four and a half years.

AnneDSmithSmith has been with the Haslam College of Business since 2001, teaching across all levels—undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral—including executive programs. She has won numerous teaching awards, both at UT and in her previous posts at the University of New Mexico and McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

Annette L. Ranft, senior associate dean for academic affairs and Reagan Professor of Business, said that Smith’s tenure bodes well for the future of the department.

“Anne has served as a long-term faculty leader in the Department of Management with a strong track record of academic excellence through both her scholarship and teaching,” said Ranft. “We are fortunate to have Anne to lead the department in its efforts to continue to strengthen academic programs and thought leadership in the Haslam College of Business.”

Smith has published more than twenty papers in academic journals. Her research utilizes qualitative methods to study strategy, process in medium-sized organizations, and top management teams. She pioneered the use of photography in field research with Josh Ray, a former doctoral student in organizations and strategy.

Smith is currently the associate editor of Organizational Methods Journal and the incoming chair of the Strategizing Activities and Practices Interest Group in the Academy of Management.

“I have a mantra which reflects a bit of how I manage—boring is good,” said Smith. “That does not mean boring in the classroom but moving forward without drama. It applies to me anticipating and heading off potential problems and being prepared and clear.”


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