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partnerships-TNTAs part of the university’s successful Carnegie Community Engagement Classification application process, the Office of Research and Engagement has compiled a list of fifty of UT’s best community-campus partnerships. The university will be celebrating its status as an engaged institution throughout the year by featuring these individual examples in articles that highlight their unique contribution to the community.

Center for Native Grasslands Management

The collaborative Center for Native Grasslands Management focuses on improved outcomes for farms, forests, and rural communities throughout Tennessee, the Southeast, and the eastern United States. The center promotes the advancement of science in grasslands conservation, including forage production, sustainable forest management, biofuels production, wildlife conservation, and economic development. This multi-disciplinary approach in turn has provided community-based training and learning opportunities for scores of graduate and undergraduate students.

Related Video: Tennessee farmers grow hay and native grasses in all 95 counties, making healthy fields a critical part of our state’s economy. UT’s Institute for Agriculture partners in native grasslands research with the Natural Resources Conservation Service and Tennessee Farm Bureau, which has provided nearly 2,000 cattle for this program.