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Effective June 30, 2015, the pay grade minimums for all regular staff salary schedules will be updated based on a market analysis. As a result, approximately 150 employees will receive pay increases because their current salaries fall below the new minimums.

Managers will be able to notify employees receiving pay increases by the end of June, and increases will be included in July paychecks. If additional pay increases are effective after June 30, such as across-the-board, merit, market or equity, those increases will be applied on top of the new pay grade minimums.

The increases were recommended by the Compensation Advisory Board (CAB) and are part of UT’s ongoing work to address compensation needs statewide. Other recent recommendations by CAB include the increase in UT’s minimum starting pay rate to $9.50 an hour, which took effect June 30, 2014, and the compensation and performance management training all supervisors were required to attend last year.

To learn more about CAB, visit the Human Resources websiteCurrent salary schedules are available at the following site and will be updated to reflect the new minimums by the end of June.