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The Apartment Residence Hall on Andy Holt Avenue will close by the end of this month and demolition will begin in June, as part of UT’s four-year plan to replace six residence halls around Presidential Court with seven new facilities.

Site work has begun on the first two new residence halls, which will be located on the site of the old Shelbourne Towers apartment building on Twentieth Street, just off Caledonia Avenue.

The next three residence halls will be built on the site of the Apartment Residence Hall once the building is demolished and the land is cleared.

Plans call for the closure of Humes Hall in August 2016, and Carrick Hall in May 2019. In their place, the final two new residence halls will be built.

The student housing redevelopment plan aims to transform the student experience and accommodate the growth in UT’s student learning communities.

The project is being funded through housing revenues. Student campus beautification fee revenues will fund new courtyards, greenways, and outdoor amenities.

For information on campus construction projects, visit the Cone Zone.


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