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The Haslam College of Business will host business analytics authorities from across the country to its semi-annual Business Analytics Forum April 20–21 in the Carolyn P. Brown Memorial University Center, 1502 West Cumberland Avenue.

Three experts will deliver the keynote seminars on how benchmark companies are confronting media fragmentation and what the future holds for analyzing the digital marketplace.

“Even the most trusted data sources can’t accurately measure how much media the population consumes through mobile devices,” says Julie Ferrara, director of the Business Analytics Forum. “Companies need that information to understand how to reach their customers and grow their business. We’ll be discussing strategies to help them pinpoint precise data and make informed decisions.”

Here’s a look at the keynote speakers and the digital marketplace issues they’ll address:

  • Paul Forester will talk about new methods of understanding your business and understanding your customer through analytics. Forester is the vice president of eCommerce and digital media at Teradata and a global leader in data analytics with more than nineteen years of experience.
  • James Semenak will look at technological advances that will make data integration and unified measurements across all digital platforms a reality. Semenak is the director of media and e-business at Teradata. He has twenty-seven years of experience applying business solutions to technology industry problems.
  • David Hastings will talk about specific tools and skills, as well as the culture a company needs to succeed in the new digital world. Hastings is head of product analytics and data science at Netflix, and will bring a business implication perspective to the discussion.

The keynote speaker seminar will be held from 8:45 to 11:45 a.m. on Monday, April 20,  at UT’s Carolyn P. Brown Memorial University Center. Cost is $250 per person and $195 per person for groups of three or more. Register online.

The seminar is free for Business Analytics Forum members.

Eight additional speakers will delve deeper into digital marketplace discussions.

Forum members meet twice a year to develop competitive strategies and share best practices. For more information on the Business Analytics Forum or to become a member, see the forum event page.


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