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Is your office cluttered with old papers, books, and files? UT Recycling would like to take these and other paper recyclables off your hands.

Beginning March 9, UT Recycling will hold its annual weeklong Paper Purge Party.

All forms of paper are accepted, including hardback books, journals, paper with tape or staples, and spiral notebooks.

“We really want to change the mindset about what kind of paper can be recycled,” said Recycling Manager Jay Price. “It isn’t just loose-leaf paper.”

Participants are asked to put their unwanted papers and books in a container, mark it “recycling,” and set it outside their office door. Volunteers with Facilities Services will make the rounds and do the heavy lifting.

For an especially large amount, you may contact UT Recycling at 974-3480 to arrange for a special pickup. If you will be away next week, please sort through your papers now and set them outside your office.

For a list of recycling pickup dates and locations, and a more detailed list of what materials can be recycled, visit

For questions and requests, or to find out other ways you can lend a hand, e-mail or call 974-3480.