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At the Student Success Center (SSC), students help students achieve their academic goals. Supplemental instruction (SI) sessions allow students who have mastered the class before to share their knowledge of the subject with students who are currently enrolled in the class. This semester, the SSC is offering SI sessions in Math 115, 119, and 130 as well as Chemistry 110, 120, 130, and 350.

Check out what SI leader Jane Sharp has to say about the program in this week’s SI Leader Spotlight!

SI Leader: Jane Sharp, Junior, Biological Sciences

SI Sessions & Office Hours: Chemistry 110 / Office Hours: Mondays noon to 1:00 p.m. and Fridays 3:00 to 4:00 p.m.

JaneAbout Jane: Originally from Nashville, Jane came to UT to study biological science and hopes to get into the medical lab science program. She also enjoys reading, singing, musical theater, and playing video games.

What Jane’s SI Sessions Are Like: Jane begins her sessions by setting a friendly atmosphere to help the process be less intimidating. She then helps students complete problems on session worksheets. She likes to run a participatory session where students work in groups or solve problems on the board.

Why She Works for the SSC: Jane attended SI sessions for Chemistry 120 and found them really helpful, so she decided she would become an SI leader and use her science knowledge to help others. She really likes working for the SSC because, as she puts it, “the job is fun and I enjoy helping students.”

Jane’s Advice to You: If you have a free hour, try SI. You don’t have to commit to attending even the whole hour; it is a free, low-pressure environment and you’ll leave with a better understanding of the course. Also, remember the SSC has many services like coaching and tutoring, so if you need more help, check them out as well.