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Facilities Services directors Terry Ledford, left, and Roy Warwick, right.Two Facilities Services directors have been elected to new positions within the Associated Valley Industries organization.

Zone Maintenance Director Terry Ledford has been elected the organization’s president after serving on its board of directors for several years, and Utilities Director Roy Warwick has been elected to the organization’s board.

AVI is a nonprofit organization of approximately sixty-eight industrial, commercial, and institutional companies within the Tennessee Valley Authority service area that are served by TVA’s local power distributors, such as the Knoxville Utilities Board.

By partnering with local power companies, TVA, and other groups, AVI works to ensure competitive utility rates and reliable high-quality electric power.

“I am looking forward to serving in this capacity to help coordinate the activities of AVI,” Ledford said. “There is a delicate balance for the delivery of electric power in the Tennessee Valley to maintain the high quality and high reliability we enjoy while also maintaining competitive electric rates.

“Competitive rates are very important for maintaining industry in the valley, along with making it possible for institutions such as the University of Tennessee to be able to control our fixed costs.”

Like Ledford, Warwick has also been associated with AVI for some time, and said he has come to appreciate the professionalism of both the organization and its many members.

“This association has been beneficial to both me personally and to the university through the information attained by my membership in the organization,” Warwick said. “Being elected to the group’s board of directors is indeed an honor.

“I have no doubt it will allow me to become more effective in my position. I look forward to serving in this capacity.”

TVA serves areas of Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi.


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