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cleanupThe campus’ Spring Cleanup is making its way across campus. The fifteen-week campaign is an effort to declutter academic buildings by getting rid of surplus equipment, used furniture, trash, and recyclables.

After five weeks, crews from Facilities Services have removed approximately 2,286 cubic feet of surplus equipment and furniture from ten buildings. The cleanup also has resulted in 2,524 cubic feet of recyclable or landfill waste.

The cleanup will continue through the week of July 14, skipping the week of June 9. View the full schedule here.

If the cleanup has not made its way to your building, there are a few steps departments can take to prepare. Forms for surplus property should be submitted to UT Warehousing one week before each unit’s assigned week. Forms may be submitted to the fax number listed on the forms.

Learn more about surplus property on the UT Warehousing website. For more information on the Spring Cleanup, contact Dennis Lee at 974-5346.