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Students who request testing accommodations and faculty who approve them will now find the process available online, thanks to a new system being implemented by the Office of Disability Services.

This comprehensive data management system is designed to meet the specialized needs of the office. It simplifies the scheduling of appointments, exams, rooms, and resources with a focus on ease of use and flexibility.

“The ease of requesting accommodations for our students is the most beautiful part of this,” said Annazette Houston, director of the Office of Disability Services. “Transitioning to the online system will truly benefit our students and make requesting and using accommodations much more user friendly.”

With the implementation of this system, students will have the ability to

• schedule exams online via a secure portal.
• schedule and view upcoming appointments
• view current approved accommodations

Faculty will
• have the ability to approve exams online through a secure portal
• receive automatic reminder emails for scheduled exams
• be able to submit exams online

“Piloting the program during summer school will give us the opportunity to address any challenges before the fall semester,” said David Ndiaye, assistant director in the Office of Disability Services. “We previously conducted a pilot program with selected faculty and students. Their input was essential in preparing this program for its launch.”

The office is currently developing online tutorials that will be available to faculty and students by the start of summer session. The system will be used to manage other processes online, such as scheduling appointments, which formerly required students to come into or call the office.

Another feature of the system—and the main reason driving this transition—is the process for procuring note takers and managing notes online. This feature will be released spring 2015.

Continued input from faculty, staff, and students in this process is welcome.

For more information, visit the Office of Disability Services website.