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  1. Freedom. Nice, isn’t it? Maintain your new found independence. Stay here by staying in school! If you need to, get a part-time job too.summer school
  2. Summer jobs are available on and off campus. Many full- and part-time job opportunities are listed in the Career Services Hire-a-Vol system. Additional part-time jobs are available across campus.
  3. Get ahead or catch up. uTrack helps you track your progress toward graduation in your chosen major. The system will let you know whether or not you’re on track. If you’re not, get back on track over the summer and if you are on track, use this opportunity to gain some ground.
  4. Explore everything campus and Knoxville have to offer. Have you studied by our outdoor pool? Summer is also a great time to get outdoors and explore area parks, festivals, and the Knoxville music scene. Day trips are also plentiful…the Smokies are only forty-five minutes away.
  5. Summer will come and go, regardless. Why not make progress instead of hitting pause? What else are you planning to do this summer? Don’t waste hours sleeping late, watching reruns, and gamingin other words, treading water. Take a class or two and experience campus in a new way.
  6. Trust the research! UT students typically increase their GPA by taking summer classes. Summer school is a proven opportunity to increase your good GPA. Higher grades earlier have more impact on your GPA, by the way.
  7. Online classes help you get ahead or catch up from a distance. Don’t want to stay in Knoxville? That won’t keep you from taking classes!
  8. The world needs you. Graduate and begin making your contribution! Regardless of your plan, you have a contribution to make to society. Get on out there and make a difference.

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