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Have you ever wondered what it takes to run all the programs and services that you are offered as a UT student? Whether you exercise at TRECS, read the Daily Beacon, or participate in one of the many programs presented by the Central Program Council, Black Cultural Programming Committee, or International House, all or a portion of it has been funded by the student programs and services fee.

The programs and services fee is divided into four sections: health, counseling, capital, and program.

All students pay the programs and services fee.  The fee is $372 for a full-time student for fiscal year 2014. Part-time students pay the fee on a pro rata basis.

Approximately $17.6 million is collected from the fee annually to help with the numerous programs and services offered to you as a student each year.

Here are some examples of what the programs and services fee covers:

Health: Operating costs and equipment for the Student Health Center.

Counseling: Operating costs and equipment for the Student Counseling Center and the Safety, Environment, and Education (S.E.E.) Center.

Capital: Construction costs, debt service costs, and equipment for facilities such as TRECS, the Black Cultural Center, International House, the Student Health Center, and University Center.

Programs: Student media, RecSports, the Student Government Association, various events presented by student organizations for the student population, and athletics.

Approximately $8.5 million is dedicated to the cost of full- and part-time employees and student workers.

A portion of the Programs part of the fee is allocated by the UPSF Program Board. This board is responsible for allocating monies, primarily to registered student organizations, for the presentation of educational, cultural, and entertainment programs that have a broad campus appeal or contribute to the intellectual development of students. The board is made up of students, faculty, and staff who review all proposals to ensure effective use of the funds. The Student Government Association president appoints students to the committee each year.

If you are interested in getting involved, contact the Student Government Association about future opportunities.

Click here for the fiscal year 2013 UT programs and services fee breakdown spreadsheet.

For more information on student fees, click here.