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Effective January 1, the university must comply with new regulations for programs involving minors on our campus.

The Knoxville campus has created several resources for implementing the policy. The purpose of the policy is to enhance the safe environment for minors participating in campus activities.

All departments that engage in programs or activities involving minors (a person younger than eighteen) must review and comply with the new policy. The policy includes guidelines for campus units to determine if a program or activity qualifies as a Covered Program and whether their staff or volunteers should be designated as Covered Adults.

The policy includes the following requirements:

  • Completion of a registration form for campus programs involving minors
  • Mandatory reporting of child abuse and child sexual abuse
  • Criminal background checks for Covered Adults
  • Training for Covered Adults

Please refer to the section on the campus website which contains the policy, campus procedures, training module, program registration form, indemnification form, and answers to frequently asked questions.

The required training for people deemed a Covered Adult is available on the UT System website.

Chris Cimino, vice chancellor for finance and administration, has asked that all departments involved in programs that host minors begin the process of complying with the new policy to ensure the university’s full compliance in a timely manor.

Brian Browning, director of administrative and support services, is UT Knoxville’s designated official and is overseeing the implementation process.

If you have questions, please contact Browning at 864 974-3061 or