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Although fall semester is almost finished, you might already be planning ways to improve your academic success this spring. The Student Success Center can help you achieve your goals with tutoring options, academic coaching, and workshops throughout the semester.

Hear from student workers and academic coaches about the top things you should know about the SSC:

The SSC is an inviting environment and we are here to help students in whatever way we can.

~ Student Worker LaKisha Paige

The SSC provides students with many free academic support services and actually helps students succeed. The Supplemental Instruction and tutoring programs give students a chance to excel in college.

~ Student Worker Amber Smith

The SSC has a multitude of people working together to help support the success of all students, and those people constantly inspire me to do my best, both as a student and as a role model for other students. To me the SSC is a place where students can always find the help they need by a well-informed and genuinely supportive staff.

~ Student Worker Chris Porter

The SSC can help you with time management.  Academic coaches will help you create a weekly plan and give you tips to make yourself stick to it!

~ Academic Coach Jordan McCarter

The SSC is not just for freshmen but for sophomores, juniors, and seniors as well.

~ Student Worker Mercedes Tutton

Tutoring services are available at many times, at many locations, for many subjects! Students can easily review the SSC website to see the complete schedule.

~ Student Worker Amber Owens

One of the most important things students should know is the variety of resources that the Student Success Center offers. Most students know about our website but have never actually navigated through it. Students are always pleasantly surprised with the amount of content.

~ Academic Coach Brandon Thompkins

The SSC is currently looking for tutors and SI leaders. To become a tutor or SI leader, you need to have completed at least one successful semester at the University of Tennessee with a 3.0 GPA or higher. The application to become a tutor/SI leader can be found at our website.

~ Academic Coach Jacob Kahle

The SSC staff cares about your academic success! We want you to do well and graduate in four years, and we are committed to helping equip you with the tools to do so.

~ Academic Coach Allison Heming

The SSC provides academic help to achieve the grades you desire. The SSC is for anyone. We do not expect a certain group of students to visit our office; instead, we welcome all students. Visiting the SSC does not make you a lesser student; instead, it makes you a greater student because you are taking the initiative to seek help, whether you need tutoring in a certain subject or just help working on your study habits. Even Einstein asked questions.

~ Student Worker Matt Turner