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Faculty members are invited to propose FYS 129 seminars now for the spring semester.

FYS 129 seminars provide students with the opportunity to engage with a faculty member on a topic of mutual interest. Students enjoy small-group learning while transitioning to college. Professors enjoy engaging with students in active learning while receiving $1,500 for research support. For more detailed information visit

These 1-credit courses are offered on a satisfactory/no credit basis, with enrollment capped at eighteen students. You may adapt your teaching specialty to this format or develop a freshman experience in an area of expertise that you rarely, if ever, teach. Focus on making it fun for both you and your students.

The second semester of the freshman year is often a challenging time for students. The opportunity to engage with a faculty member and a small group of students can be a major factor in helping students with the many transitions they are experiencing in their lives. The university is committed to continuing this program as part of our focus on becoming a world-class university that graduates leaders and lifelong learners.

To submit a FYS 129 seminar proposal, or for more information on the seminars, visit the Freshman Seminar website.

The deadline for seminar submissions is October 30, 2013.