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To: UT Students
From: Chancellor Jimmy G. Cheek
Subject: Tuition for All New and Returning Students


As the new academic year approaches, I want to let you know about the costs you can anticipate.

Our Board of Trustees approved yesterday a 6 percent tuition increase for returning in-state students. Returning in-state undergraduates will pay $9,684 annually for tuition and fees. New in-state freshmen and transfer students will pay $11,194 annually. For more information about tuition and fees, visit the One Stop website.

Our new “Take 15, Graduate in 4” tuition model takes effect this fall for all new full-time freshmen and transfer students, and those who are re-enrolling after a withdrawal or an interruption of a semester or more.

When we recommend tuition and fee increases we must balance the needs of the campus with our goals for staying affordable and a strong value.

The increase in funds will improve your experience by enhancing programs, course offerings, and services. It also will help us retain and recruit world-class faculty and upgrade the classrooms and facilities where you learn and experience campus life.

The new “Take 15, Graduate in 4” model applies only to new full-time undergraduates enrolling or re-enrolling for fall semester. The new model is designed to encourage students to take at least 15 hours a semester so that they graduate in four years. More information on the 15-4 model can be found at the One Stop website.

If you have questions about tuition and fees or financial aid, please call One Stop Express Student Services at 865-974-1111, or visit

The One Stop Express Student Services center is now open on the ground floor of Hodges Library from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. See you in August.