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Vol Compliments, a Facebook sensation sweeping across the campus, is a big idea that’s making the Internet a friendlier place for UT students.

Vol Compliments is a Facebook page that posts nice and encouraging notes about students and others in the UT community. Here is how it works: Anyone can send his or her compliments in a message to the page administrators, who then post it anonymously to the page’s timeline, tagging the person complimented.

“The anonymity of the Internet is so often used to spread hate and ignorance, and this page aims to combat that,” said the page’s administrators.

The concept for the page came from Queen’s University in Ontario, and the page’s administrators adapted the idea to fit UT.

“We felt like it was really something that could benefit UT, and the page has really taken off,” they said.

Vol Compliments will continue to spread positive messages across UT as long as students are willing to share it.

“We hope, most of all, that this page can be used as a medium for UT students to spread positive thoughts and love to their peers. We hope that students continue to use the page to compliment other students for a very long time,” said the page’s administrators.