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ReVOLution members pose with their qualifying certificate after Saturday’s competition.
Front row, from left to right: Jenna Weaver, Jenny Darden, Madelyn Pierce, Holly Ownby. Back row, from left to right: Sara Sinclair Wilkinson, Carrie Honaker, McKinley Merritt, Lauren Arp, Hana Lamb, Emily Emadian, Maddy Witt.

ReVOLution, UT’s all-women a cappella group, trumped challengers from several major universities this weekend to advance to the national semifinals of a collegiate a cappella competition.

The ensemble performed in Athens, Georgia, on Saturday in the regional finals of the 2013 International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella. They beat groups from several schools including Georgia Tech, University of Georgia, Southern Methodist University, University of North Texas, and Baylor University.

The ensemble’s next stop is the national semifinals in Nashville on March 23. ReVOLution is the first UT group ever accepted into the international competition. The eleven-member ensemble was formed in 2010.

Collegiate contemporary a cappella ensembles are singing groups that perform entirely without instruments.

To learn more about reVOLution and to listen to more of their music, visit their Facebook page (no log-in required).

Watch their recent interview and performance on WBIR Channel 10.