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Full power was restored to North Carrick and South Carrick residence halls today at 10:50 a.m.

Crews worked throughout the evening on the repair and faced several challenges, which delayed restoring full power until today.

North Carrick and the affected rooms of South Carrick were closed on Wednesday and Thursday nights for safety reasons. Students were offered alternative accommodations, but the majority made their own arrangements. The challenges affected approximately 436 young men and 88 young women who live in the residence halls.

Students have been notified that power has been restored to their rooms and that they will receive compensation for the two nights North Carrick and part of South Carrick were closed.

“Thank you for your patience during the ongoing emergency and power outage. All electrical systems in Carrick Hall are now back online, and you may return to the building at any time,” the note to students stated.

The university closed North Carrick and the affected rooms in South Carrick for safety concerns because there was no way to light the students’ rooms.

Problems with electricity began early Wednesday when a bus duct combusted. It impacted primarily the power in student rooms. The building remained heated and open during the day and all emergency lobby and security lighting and other systems have been operating.

UT personnel and contractors spent an estimated 720 man hours within a forty-eight-hour period on the repair work.