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Jose Castro, a clinical Instructor in the College of Veterinary Medicine, recently traveled to Ecuador to participate in the first International Seminar of Equine Emergencies, Reproduction, and Dentistry.

The seminar was organized by the Universidad de las Americas in Quito, Ecuador. Castro helped plan eight lectures and two labs related to gastrointestinal, wound management, and fractures and reproductive emergencies in horses.

The seminar drew more than sixty participants from around the world.

“I am very grateful to be part of this UT family, but also very glad to help students, far away from here, and give back to them what life and UT have so generously given to me all these years,” said Castro, who studied in Ecuador before coming to UT.

“Teaching can be very hard, but our work paid off when we saw students’ faces light up with happiness and satisfaction when something suddenly became clear, practical and useful,” he said.

In one lab, students learned how to use tranquilization, sedation, and anesthesia during a horse castration.

“What use to be a true wrestling match and almost barbaric procedure became a genuine medical procedure,” he said.

“Being in Ecuador and representing UT was a huge honor. Without a doubt, we opened their eyes to a total different world,” Castro said.