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construction cones

Traffic ConesConsulting engineers have determined that exterior repair work is needed on all four corners of McClung Tower, according to Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Services Dave Irvin.

Workers discovered last month that a large section of concrete had separated from the bottom of McClung Tower’s second floor, on the west side of the building. Follow up inspections confirmed that the issue likely impacts all four corners. The problem stems from the settling of large sections of brickwork on the twelve-story building. The bricking may expand and force the concrete borders to break, as it did on the west corner.

Irvin said the area will remain cordoned off as the university works to bid the job, which will be classified as an emergency repair. The project will involve installing control joints within the brick that will allow it to expand and contract without impacting other parts of the building.

Irvin said the work should begin immediately following the end of this semester. No other overarching structural problems have been identified with the building, the underground parking garage, or the concrete bordered roofline.

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