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First-year students and faculty members agree: FYS 129 seminars are a change from the ordinary. Students enjoy small-group learning while transitioning to college. Professors enjoy engaging with students on topics of mutual interest while receiving $1,500 for research support.

The Freshman Seminar Program is looking for tenured and tenure-track faculty interested in teaching these one-credit courses.

The courses are offered on a satisfactory/no credit basis, with enrollment capped at eighteen students. You may adapt your teaching specialty to this format or develop a freshman experience in an area of expertise that you rarely, if ever, teach. Focus on making it fun for both you and your students.

To submit a FYS 129 seminar proposal, or for more information on the seminars, visit the Freshman Seminar website. The deadline for proposal submissions is Monday, April 9.

For questions, contact Phyliss Shey at 865-974-3523 or send an email to