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Nov. 11, 2011

To: UT Knoxville Students
From: University Registrar Monique Anderson
Subject: It’s Time to Evaluate Your Instructor

As the end of the fall semester approaches, it is once again time for you to evaluate your instructors.

Your opinion makes a difference and the evaluations are important to your instructors. We are also giving away an iPad through a random drawing of students who complete their instructor evaluations.

Your evaluation will remain anonymous. Students’ names are not associated with their completed evaluation.

One history professor tells us that she uses them to get feedback on her students’ attitudes about reading materials and assignments for the class. If students say a book or project isn’t of value to students, she factors that into her planning the next time she teaches the course. Student Assessment of Instruction System (SAIS) reports are also required by many of our colleges’ national accrediting agencies to ensure the quality of teaching in various programs.

This fall, we’ve moved all evaluations to electronic form. This method saves the university significant paper, costs, and processing time. Making the evaluations web-based will save an estimated 1.25 tons of paper each year. But the success of online SAIS hinges on our students’ participation. Please take a few minutes to respond.

The evaluations for fall semester courses are now available online at Click on the link “Fall 2011 Semester Online Evaluations.” Remember, all student answers are anonymous. Please make sure that you complete your evaluations by midnight Friday, December 2.

If you have any questions, e-mail or call the SAIS office at (865) 974-4373.