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KNOXVILLE—Ten faculty members from the School of Architecture at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, received awards last month from the East Tennessee Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

The highest honors, the Honor Citation Awards, were given for three projects: “The Ghost Houses, Phase I,” “A New Norris House,” and the “O’Dell Residence.” Each project featured design work by UT faculty.

“We are thrilled with our faculty’s success in the 2011 AIA East Tennessee Design Awards,” said Architecture and Design Dean Scott Poole. “What is particularly significant, too, is the fact that each project was a highly collaborative effort involving teams of faculty members or faculty members collaborating with students. One of the implicit missions of our college is to elevate the level of design in our region and state. Being recognized in this way helps to affirm that are fulfilling that mission.”

Projects that won Honor Citations include:

  • “Ghost Houses, Phase I”—Assistant Professor Ted Shelton and Associate Professor Tricia Stuth developed the three re-conceptualized homes located in North Knoxville. The AIA East Tennessee jury commended the project’s use of a historic building style that translated into the area’s surrounding homes in a fresh new way.
  • “A New Norris House “—Adjunct Associate Professor Robert French and Stuth served as co-faculty supervisors of the project, a fully integrative effort of students and faculty across the UT College of Architecture and Design. The house is considered one of the most sustainable, energy-efficient homes in the state.
  • The “O’Dell Residence”—Associate Professor Tricia Stuth, Associate Professor Brian Ambroziak, Assistant Professor Katherine Ambroziak and Assistant Professor Ted Shelton were recognized for the Gates, Tennessee project.

Additional honors to UT faculty members include two merit awards. Lecturers Brandon Pace and John Sanders received a Merit Award for their work on the “West Jackson Workshops” in Knoxville. Jennifer Akerman, Sean Martin and Paul McCall, lecturers of architecture, jointly received a Merit Award for their contributions to “The New South Elementary and Middle School” located in Cookeville, Tennessee.