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Principles of Civility and CommunityIf you had just ten rules to live by to be certain that you treated everyone on campus with respect, what would they be?

The university’s Task Force on Civility and Community spent time over this past year researching and discussing that question. They took a look at campuses across the nation and how they have been successful in bringing civility to the forefront among their community members.

Ultimately, the group came up with ten words that are now called the Principles of Civility and Community. The principles capture the core values of a welcoming campus. They are inclusivity, diversity, dialogue, collegiality, respect, knowledge, integrity, learning, awareness, and response. Read more about the principles here.

On Friday the campus will hold a Celebration of Civility and Community at 11:30 a.m. on the Carolyn P. Brown Memorial University Center Plaza. During the celebration, Chancellor Jimmy G. Cheek will share more about the principles and how we can live them so that they become the fabric of our campus culture.

Friday’s celebration is part of the International Festival which will begin at 10:00 a.m. on the University Center Plaza. Plan to stay and buy lunch from one of the many groups cooking at the event.