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KNOXVILLE — Thanks to a new website, you can explore the Frank H. McClung Museum at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, even before you walk through its doors.

A new website, http://www.dolunchonline.com, has been created for McClung Museum to give visitors a chance to learn about the museum’s exhibits or enjoy them virtually. “Do Lunch Online” contains photographic animations for the exhibits and objects displayed in the museum totaling more than 13,500 images.

A visitor to Do Lunch Online has a better understanding of what is in each exhibit before they visit, said site creator Greig Massey of Massive Identity, who explains the premise behind the site’s unique name.

“Many museums have areas where visitors can enjoy lunch. This website is designed for people who are in front of a computer all day long,” he said. “They can use their lunch break to enjoy the ‘museum experience.'”

Massey said he hopes the website will encourage people to visit the museum in person.

“The information at McClung is important. Being able to walk through the exhibits and look at some of the objects from anywhere in the world and learn is the reason I built this site.”

Jeff Chapman, director of the museum, said the website is a great complement to the museum.

“Greig Massey contributed an enormous amount of time to create an exciting and comprehensive overview of the exhibits at the McClung Museum. Thanks to his commitment, we are able to offer a wonderfully educational off-site museum experience. We hope, of course, that this will stimulate interest in visiting the museum,” he said.

The website contains images and information about the following exhibits: “Ancient Egypt: The Eternal Voice”; “Archaeology and the Native Peoples of Tennessee”; “Geology and Fossil History of Tennessee”; “The Decorative Experience”; “Human Origins: Search for Our Fossil Ancestors”; “The Battle of Fort Sanders”; and “Tennessee Freshwater Mussels.” Photographs for a past exhibit no longer on display in the museum, “Napoleon and Egyptomania in Tennessee,” also are on the site.

The online exhibits are sponsored by several area businesses: Canup & Richardson, Knoxville Montessori School, Massive Identity, Spex Eyewear, Kristin Designs and Ulrich Printing.

The Frank H. McClung Museum is a general museum with collections in anthropology, archaeology, decorative arts, local history and natural history. The exhibits document ways of life, cultural trends and technologies from prehistoric times to the present day, and showcase much of Tennessee’s geology, history, art and culture. Admission is always free. Museum hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 1 to 5 p.m. on Sunday. For more information, visit http://mcclungmuseum.utk.edu/.


Jeff Chapman (865-974-2144, jchapman@utk.edu)

Kristi Hintz (865-974-3993, khintz@utk.edu)