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Could your cat stand to lose a few pounds? Is your dog a bit plump? Do you want to learn some fun ways to get your pet in shape? Students at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine have organized a One Health Challenge: Obesity Awareness event, “Howl-A-Ween Dog Jog,” for families and their pets. The event is designed to draw attention to health risks of obesity in both people and pets. It’s a free, fun day for you and your pet.

The free event will be held from 3 to 6 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 24 at Adair Park, 1807 Adair Drive in Knoxville. If your pet is comfortable in costume, feel free to dress them up!

More than a quarter of the nation’s population is considered obese, and nearly half the nation’s pets are overweight or obese. As with humans, obese pets are at risk for heart problems, diabetes, and joint problems. Tapping into the human-animal bond can be an effective way to get people to eat healthier, feed their pets appropriately, and exercise with their pets.

In addition to the dog jog, people and pets are invited to participate in other activities including musical sit, hula-hoop jumps, guess your pet’s body condition score, pet costume contests and more. There will be prizes and give-a-ways, too. The veterinary students collaborated with the UT Nutrition Department, which will have a booth at the event.


Sandra Harbison, Media Relations, College of Veterinary Medicine, 865-974-7377,