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KNOXVILLE — The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, graduate school will recognize some of its most outstanding students this week. More than 50 graduate students have received fellowships based on their research work. The students will be honored at a lunch Thursday, Oct. 1.

The fellowship program promotes recruitment of excellent scholars to graduate programs. The awards are available through designated endowments, state-supported Diversity Enhancement Graduate Fellowships and a federal contract with the National Science Foundation. In addition, students who have received nationally competitive external fellowships will be recognized.

“These fellows are the future outstanding researchers and creative scholars in their fields,” said Carolyn Hodges, vice provost and dean of the graduate school. “They will become the highly skilled leaders and experts who will play key roles in addressing our future challenges. We are dedicated to recruiting these fine students to enrich our campus and its academic programs. The luncheon provides an opportunity to bring together this budding community of scholars and introduce them to each other and to the university.”

The following university fellowship programs are made available by designated endowments and have funded 37 fellows for 2009-2010:

-J. Wallace and Katie Dean Graduate Fellowships – designated for entering students who show outstanding academic promise.

  • Hope Brasfield, Ph.D., clinical psychology
  • Kelly Carlson, Ph.D., nursing
  • Austin Judkins, M.S., geography
  • Crystal Kelly, M.S., biosystems engineering and soil science
  • Sara Kuebbing, Ph.D., ecology and evolutionary biology
  • Shannon Looney, Ph.D., nutrition
  • Michael McConnell, Ph.D., history
  • Kristin McNamara, Ph.D., mathematics
  • Alberto Rivera Vaca, Ph.D., modern foreign languages and literature
  • William Taylor, Ph.D., sociology
  • Magan Wiles, M.F.A., theater
  • Carolyn Wisniewski, Ph.D., English

-Herman E. Spivey Humanities Graduate Fellowships – designated for entering students in humanities who show outstanding academic promise.

  • Eleanor Aldrich, M.F.A., art
  • Stefan Hodges-Kluck, M.A., English
  • Conrad Ricamora, M.F.A., theater
  • Noah Soltau, Ph.D., modern foreign languages and literature
  • Lori Mayer Re-Entry Women’s Fellowship – designated for a female student returning to an educational program after being out for at least five years.
  • Tara Michels-Clark, Ph.D., chemistry
  • Evelyn Scott, M.Arch., architecture

-Bruce Painter & Eva Woody Seaton Fellowship – designated for an entering student who shows outstanding academic promise.

  • Karen Craig, Ph.D., finance
  • Rachel Vykukal, M.A., anthropology

-Shipley Swann Fellowship – designated to recognize outstanding academic achievement

  • Carlee McClintock, Ph.D., life sciences
  • Zachary Taylor, Ph.D., geography

-The Diversity Enhancement Graduate Fellowship Program – designated to recognize academic promise and the contribution of the awardee in assisting the academic program and the university to meet its diversity goals.

  • Isaac Athuahene, Ph.D., industrial engineering
  • Stephanie Darnell, M.S., information sciences
  • Yolunda Nabors, Ph.D., economics
  • Tiffanie Officer, M.S., child and family studies
  • Jessica Roberts, M.S., teacher education
  • Amber Wimsatt, Ph.D., clinical psychology

-This Diversity Enhancement Fellowship Fund – designated to support fellows chosen through the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) for the doctoral scholars program. These fellows are underrepresented minority scholars in doctoral programs and are chosen to expand the pool of diverse professionals available to teach at the collegiate level.

  • Janelle Coleman, Ph.D., modern foreign languages and literature
  • Sharon Jean-Philippe, Ph.D., natural resources
  • Ferlin McGaskey, Ph.D., higher educational administration
  • Stephanie Hill, Ph.D., exercise, sport and leisure studies

-The graduate school also administers the federal contract for the campus for the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program.

  • Lydia Eckstein Jackson, Ph.D., experimental psychology
  • Keshia Koehn, Ph.D., geology
  • Emily Pritchard, Ph.D. biomedical engineering
  • Monica Rother, Ph.D., geography
  • Rebecca Wilson, Ph.D., biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology

External fellowships awarded to UT students include:

  • Elizabeth Johnson – Scalable Computing and Leading Edge Innovative Technologies (SCALE-IT) – National Science Foundation
  • Justin Roop and Patrick Ward – Sustainable Technology through Advanced Interdisciplinary Research (STAIR) IGERT Fellowship – National Science Foundation
  • Vincent Kandagor – Department of Energy Pipeline Graduate Fellowship
  • Letitia Olson – National Institute of Health Program for Excellence and Equity in Research (PEER) Training Grant
  • Craig Hardgrove – NASA Graduate Student Fellowship
  • Melissa Cregger and Katie Stubble – Department of Energy Graduate Research Environmental Fellowship
  • Jean-Phillipe Lessard – National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant
  • Catherine Herrara – American Psychological Association Fellowship
  • Julianne Hellmuth –National Institute of Health Grant
  • Nelson Carrasco – Fulbright Scholarship Fellowship
  • Monica Colon-Aguirre – Spectrum Doctoral Fellowship from the American Library Association
  • Nishan Kalupahana and Jessica Sieber Bachman – American Heart Association Fellowship
  • William Kauerz – National Academy for Nuclear Training
  • Nicholas Villarino – Pfizer Fellowship
  • Chad Black – U.S. Army Fellowship
  • Young-Sook Kim – Council on Social Work Education – National Institute for Mental Health Minority Fellowship

For a list of the recipients and other information check the graduate school Web page at http://gradschool.utk.edu/fellowships.shtml.

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