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UT Employee and Organizational Development (EOD) moved the employee course catalog “Training Pages” online last May and halted delivery of printed copies through departmental mail.

New classes are now open and available. UT employees interested in a variety of supervisory, management, and personal development classes can take advantage of this service and visit “Training Pages” at http://humanresources.tennessee.edu/eod/publications.html.

“Training Pages” includes a monthly listing of classes offered for employees each semester by EOD.

Since January 2009, 3,265 UT employees have attended a training course, and moving “Training Pages” online is expected to save more than $10,000 per year.

EOD encourages managers and supervisors to share the catalog with employees who may not have access to e-mail by printing and posting the catalog pages in a communal area or sharing copies directly with employees.

Fall registration is now open and employees can begin registering today by visiting the “Training Pages” Web site or by calling 974-6657.