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Cleanup is underway after an early-morning flood in the Dougherty Engineering Building on Tuesday, June 2. The building will reopen partially Wednesday, June 3, with the following exceptions:

Floors 5 and 6 will be open to faculty and staff to retrieve belongings from offices, but they will not be open for work or instruction as a result of the continued cleanup process. These floors will remain closed through Thursday, June 4. Those with offices on those floors can contact their supervisor for alternative office space if needed, or may be considered on administrative leave.

A number of classes normally scheduled for Dougherty Room 501 have been moved to Perkins Hall through Friday, June 5, as follows:

Mechanical Engineering 331, section 001 will be moved to Perkins 324 Mechanical Engineering 334, section 001 will be moved to Perkins 108 Chemical Engineering 340, section 001 will be moved to Perkins 102 Aerospace Engineering 345, section 001 will be moved to Perkins 102 Chemical Engineering 360, section 001 will be moved to Perkins 102 Mechanical Engineering 449, section 001 will be moved to Perkins 102

Floors 1 through 4 will be open and operating on a normal schedule tomorrow. The 4th floor auditorium will be closed through Friday, June 5 and Suite 414 will be noisy through Thursday, June 4 as a result of continuing cleanup operations.

Faculty and staff with offices on floors 2 through 4 should note that while all excess water has been removed, carpets in these areas may remain damp, and occupants should expect some disturbance as the last of the moisture is removed. Faculty and staff should take care in restarting any computer equipment that may have been wet. If there is any sign of wetness, electronic equipment should not be restarted.

Facilities Services staff will be in the building for the remainder of the week, and should be contacted for any assistance in drying or disposing of documents damaged in the flood.

The elevator in Dougherty Engineering is out of service indefinitely. Students, faculty and staff with disabilities should contact Facilities Services to make accommodations during the repairs. Faculty and staff with general questions should contact their supervisor for more information. Students with questions can contact their instructors directly.