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The Center for Executive Education will be sponsoring a scholarship for the 2010 Professional MBA program.

Nominations are currently being accepted for the program which begins in August 2009. In order to be eligible for receipt of the scholarship, the following criteria must be met:

  • Potential Applicants must be nominated by his/her Dean or appropriate administrator to the Selection Review committee.
  • Nominees must currently be a UT Knoxville full-time employee as well as having been employed full-time at UT Knoxville for a minimum of three years.

The Selection Review committee will be comprised of the Vice Chancellor of Business and Finance, the Executive Director of Human Resources, the Director of Equity and Diversity, the Executive Director of the Center for Executive Education, and the Directors of the EMBA/Professional MBA programs.

The committee will select one applicant for the program who must then meet all application requirements for the program.

The scholarship recipient will only be admitted when there is program capacity unused by external customers paying full rates. The availability will be determined thirty days after the priority deadline.

The scholarship recipient must remain as a full-time employee at UT Knoxville for two years following graduation or will be responsible for repaying the scholarship portion and, if appropriate, any departmental funding.

In addition to the normal waiver of tuition, the scholarship will cover the program fee except for 50% of the variable cost which can be funded by the individual or the appropriate department. Currently the amount not covered by the scholarship will be $6,500 for the 2010 Professional MBA program. The scholarship recipient will also be responsible for any miscellaneous costs which are not covered in the program fee and are required by all students.

Individual leave must be taken for the time required in the program and coordinated with the recipient’s supervisor.

If you have an individual you wish to nominate, please submit the person’s name, job responsibilities and the reason why you feel this person would be a good candidate.

Nominations should be submitted to Carolyn Cuddy ( no later than March 15. For more info call 974-2487.