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The University Studies Program will hold a centripetals luncheon from 12 – 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 19, in the University Center Executive Dining Room. Emily Ward Bivens, an assistant professor of art and the director of the Freshman Studies Program in the Department of Art and Art History, will present "I’ve Heard This Story Before: One Narrative Told Through Video, Installation, and Writing."

The cost for lunch is $8.00 (cash or check), and is payable at the door. Cancellations should be made at least 72 hours prior to the event. Payment of $8.00 will be expected for a late cancellation (less than 72 hours’ notice) or a no-show reservation.

Emily Bivens will discuss her current work, examining the discrete narrative possibilities of making a video, crafting an installation, and writing a novelette simultaneously and about the same subject. Each is seen as dependent on the other, but no one is derived from the other two. Our understanding can change with the format. Three views may result in three conclusions, but with a richer understanding.

This project breaks the traditional limitations of a single discipline. Seeing the video, walking through the installation and reading the novelette reveal the inherent characteristics of each and showcases a different view. The video unfolds layers of the characters through their point of view, body language, and action. The installation is a self-directed experience. The novelette is not tethered to reality.

Examples of Emily’s solo work can be seen at http://www.emilywardbivens.com/. Examples of her collaborative performance work can be seen at http://www.thebridgeclub.net/

For more information or to register, contact Joan Murray at 974-8177 or e-mail unistudy@utk.edu.