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KNOXVILLE — Mike Tallent has been named executive director of the University of Tennessee’s Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS). He begins on Aug. 18.

Mike Tallent
Mike Tallent
An agency of the statewide UT Institute for Public Service (IPS), MTAS offers consulting services to Tennessee municipalities in areas such as finance, strategic planning, fire and police services, public works, legal issues and municipal codes.

Tallent has served as interim executive director of MTAS since December 2007 and had served as senior program manager since May 1996. He joined MTAS in 1979 as a municipal management consultant and has covered West Tennessee and Southeast Tennessee over the years, advising cities that range in size from Englewood to Chattanooga.

“Mike’s knowledge of MTAS’ history and development — along with years of solid relationships with Tennessee cities — has equipped him to effectively lead MTAS staff and to anticipate the needs of municipalities in our state,” said Mary Jinks, UT vice president of public service.

The agency is approaching 60 years of service; it was created by the Tennessee General Assembly in 1949 at the request of the Tennessee Municipal League.

With nearly 30 years at MTAS, Tallent has seen half of the history of the agency firsthand.

“I am honored to be appointed executive director and to have the opportunity to build upon the success and accomplishments of the directors who preceded me over the past 59 years,” Tallent said.

“I look forward to working with the staff of MTAS, and all of IPS, to assist the leadership of Tennessee cities as they continue to strive for the most efficient and effective ways of enhancing the quality of services they provide to their citizens.”

MTAS has more than 50 employees and has offices in Knoxville, Jackson, Nashville, Johnson City and Martin.


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