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Schools of the Southeastern Conference are excelling in more than just athletics. Beginning with the 2008-2009 academic year, the SEC will be putting faculty to the test.

The Southeastern Conference Academic Consortium (SECAC), created in 2005 to increase academic excellence of and academic cooperation between conference schools, has selected its first class of Academic Leadership Development Program (ALDP) fellows. The ALDP is a recent initiative by the SECAC to train future academic leaders within the network of schools to facilitate educational excellence. Within the program, each SEC university selects three to five fellows each year to attend two ALDP seminars.

Sally McMillan, associate dean, College of Communications and Information; John Nolt, incoming president of the UT Knoxville Faculty Senate; and John Zomchick, associate dean, College of Arts and Sciences have been selected by the campus Provost and Senior Vice Provost to represent UT in the ALDP’s inaugural year.

In addition to attending upcoming ADLP seminars at the University of South Carolina and the University of Arkansas, McMillan, Nolt and Zomchick will serve as an on-campus resource for senior administrators in areas such as higher education governance and current issues facing higher education. After their year of service, the ADLP fellows will serve on the selection committee for the following year’s representatives.