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The University of Tennessee Outreach and Engagement Measurement Instrument, an online survey about the public outreach efforts of the university’s faculty and professional staff, will end March 15, 2008.

All academic and professional staff engaged in outreach programs and activities are encouraged to participate in order to help increase public understanding of the university’s outreach and engagement effort.

Specific types of outreach and engagement referenced in this survey include outreach research, technical or expert assistance, credit courses and programs, non-credit classes and programs, public events and understanding, experiential/service learning and clinical service.

If you are not involved in any of these activities, you are still encouraged to go to the survey and answer question 1. You can complete the survey here.

The University of Tennessee is partnering with Michigan State University to develop and implement the survey, which allows the university to collect outreach data across the UT system. One of the goals in the University of Tennessee’s strategic plan deals with outreach and engagement of university faculty and professional staff.