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KNOXVILLE — As fall semester begins August 24, the University of Tennessee-s new freshman class is expected to be one of the largest, most academically qualified and ethnically diverse classes in its history.

Enrollment officials expect 4,300 new freshmen. Approximately 6,800 students will move into residence halls beginning Saturday, Aug. 20.

The freshman class has an average ACT score of 25.6 and a 3.54 grade point average. UT continues to grow enrollment and enhance its students’ academic quality due, in large part, to Tennessee’s HOPE scholarship.

Twenty nine percent of all freshman graduated high school with a perfect 4.0 grade point average.

Minorities comprise nearly 16 percent of the class, up by 1 percent over last year-s freshman class. UT has enrolled 26 percent more Hispanic and 16 percent more Asian freshmen.

“This level of student quality and diversity impacts the institution in many ways,” said UT Enrollment Services Dean Richard Bayer. “This class represents a high level of academic achievement and preparedness in which to handle the rigor and challenges of our faculty’s curriculum. The diversity of the class also dramatically enhances the student life experience and opportunities for learning outside the classroom.”

“Our role in educating the very best and brightest students will continue to have a significant impact on Tennessee,” said Chancellor Loren Crabtree. “As we best prepare them to compete in a global economy, we also set the stage for our graduates to consider beginning their careers in Tennessee. Both those factors will have a great impact on our state’s workforce.”

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