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KNOXVILLE — The University of Tennessee has changed the names of its 11 agricultural research facilities to better reflect their roles in the communities they serve.

Formerly known as agricultural experiment stations, the new names for the facilities are built around the term -research and education center.- The centers are strategically located throughout the state so agricultural and natural resource research can be conducted under differing environmental conditions.

-As field laboratories, they are essential to our research program,- said Dr. Thomas Klindt, interim dean of the UT Agricultural Experiment Station. -The research centers are the logical and needed step between basic science, the producer, and ultimately the consumer. But that mission is often nearly invisible to the public.-

Klindt says plans are in the works to raise community understanding about and access to the centers. Each center will soon form a local advocates group of citizens interested in the center-s activities.

-Each research center represents a front door to the university for many residents of the state. We want to make sure the welcome mat is out,- Klindt said.

Centers will erect new signs and each will hold its own name-changing events, as appropriate in their local communities. Below is a list of the former and new names of the facilities. The former name and location of the facility is listed first, followed in italics by the facility-s new name:

Ames Plantation, Grand Junction
Research and Education Center at Ames Plantation

Dairy Experiment Station, Lewisburg
Dairy Research and Education Center

Forestry Experiment Station, Oak Ridge and other locations
Forest Resources Research and Education Center

Highland Rim Agricultural Experiment Station, Springfield
Highland Rim Research and Education Center

Knoxville Agricultural Experiment Station, Knoxville
East Tennessee Research and Education Center

Martin Agricultural Experiment Station, Martin
Research and Education Center at Martin

Middle Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station, Spring Hill
Middle Tennessee Research and Education Center

Milan Agricultural Experiment Station, Milan
Research and Education Center at Milan

Plateau Agricultural Experiment Station, Crossville
Plateau Research and Education Center

Tobacco Experiment Station, Greeneville
Research and Education Center at Greeneville

West Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station, Jackson
West Tennessee Research and Education Center

Information about the Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station system is available online at http://taes.tennessee.edu.

Click on the link for -Research and Education Centers- for information about the individual facilities.