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KNOXVILLE — University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Reynolds writes the most visited weblog in the world, according to Wired magazine.

Glenn Reynolds

Instapundit.com receives more than 100,000 hits each day, Wired reports in its February issue.

Reynolds, who started the blog in 2001, said he became interested in the concept while teaching a course in Internet law.

“It-s a way of keeping my hand in, making sure I have some actual knowledge and not just academic theory to offer,” he said. “I was looking for something interesting to do on the Internet, and this was it.”

Reynolds reads dozens of political and news sites daily and offers his perspective on a wide variety of issues.

“I know a little bit about a lot of things and I have a sense for things that are more important than people think — or sometimes less important,” he told Wired.

Reynolds keeps tabs on his readers- interests through the flood of e-mail he receives each day. Instapundit has inspired some of them to create their own weblogs.

“Several hundred people have started blogs because of me,” he said. “I think that might be my greatest contribution.”

He sees blogs continuing to multiply in the future, with “more video, and more coverage of local news. It-s hard to outperform the NY Times in covering international news. It-s not that hard to outperform local newspapers and TV stations in covering local news.”