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KNOXVILLE РDr. Peter H̦yng has been named associate director of the Honors Program at the University of Tennessee.

Dr. Peter Höyng

Höyng will assist in the revision and implementation of the honors curriculum, student orientation and advising, and increasing the visibility of the University Honors Program.

Höyng has been at UT for 10 years. He is an associate professor and heads the German studies program. He will continue in this position with a reduced teaching assignment.

Dr. Mark Luprecht, director of the Honors Program, said Höyng will bring “love of students, advising and mentoring, a commitment to UT, and intellectual passion and energy” to the Honors Program.

The program has more than 650 students whose privileges include extra advisers for more personal attention, smaller classes, two residence hall floors and a computer lab in Morrell Hall and faculty privileges in the library.

“Dr. Luprecht and I will continue working on a new curriculum that is more in tune with national standards,” said Höyng.

“I want to ensure that honors students not only hear about opportunities for studying abroad but also make it happen by designing a University Honors course that implies traveling and studying abroad. I would also like to see the University Honors Program become more visible and/or an anchor among UT’s faculty by sponsoring a variety of academic programs.”